Saimaza Mezcla ground coffee

Saimaza Mezcla ground coffee
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Saimaza Superior Mezcla (50% natural beans / 50% torrefacto) 250gr – Saimaza’s finest ground coffee (suitable for cafeteras and other coffee machines). If you are looking to reproduce a genuine café con leche at home then this is exactly what you need. “Mezcla” means mix, which is exactly what happens to produce such a unique flavor. Every bar and restaurant in Spain uses a “mezcla” of natural roast and torrefacto beans quite often they mix roasted beans in their own secret proportions. The torrefacto secret is glazing a percentage of the beans with a fine sugar mist before roasting which reduces acidity and bitterness. Both ground and brewed torrefacto coffee have higher antioxidant capacity than standard roasts. Saimaza are Spain’s premier coffee manufacturer, producing the country’s best loved brand in Seville since 1929. Saimaza is synonymous with coffee in Spain.