Pasta Tiburon nº 1 - Gallo

Pasta Tiburon nº 1 - Gallo
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This shell shaped pasta is funnily enough called shark in Spanish. It is most commonly used in soups although you could use it in any pasta dish. Gallo's own recipe ensures that the pasta will not overcook.

Directions for use: Cook it until soft.

Ingredients: Durum-wheat flour.

Alergy Warnings: Contains gluten. May contain traces of egg.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.

Spanish soups are always served with pasta. Different types of pasta are used depending on the soup.

In Spain we use different types of pasta for different dishes. The richness of Spanish gastronomy is very clear when talking about soups. Noodles of different thickness, star shaped, round shaped, letter shaped, there are many different types of pasta. From the Fideua noodles to the Tiburon (Shark).