Garrotxa ~200 G APPROX.

Produced in the Garrotxa area of Cataluna in Northern Spain. Garrotxa is described as having a powdery grey or greyish-blue rind, a firm texture, an ivory-coloured interior, and an earthy flavour.
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Garrotxa is a traditional goat's milk cheese produced in the Garrotxa area of Cataluna in Northern Spain. It was almost extinct when some young cheesemakers revived it in 1981. Garrotxa is a semi-firm cheese aged for 75 days. The full-bodied cheese is rich in flavour with a soft paste and a moist, creamy, yet almost flaky, texture. It is covered by a velvety grey mould coating that lends it a woody aroma. The flavour is reminiscent of damp earth underlined by slightly nutty & herbal essences. Its milky, delicate taste is not at all typical of a goat’s cheese. Garrotxa pairs well with crusty country bread, nuts and is best served with white wines.
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