Truffles Pastura Cheese

Its elaboration is inspired by the traditional recipe of the Italian Tuscany, which arrived in the area by the hand of the transhumant shepherds. They have added the exquisite black truffle, also Italian, that makes Pastura an even more delicious cheese. Its white, tender, rusty bark holds a delicate, creamy but compact paste, sprinkled with bits of truffle. Their flavours are differentiated and without harmonics, obtaining a cheese of a unique flavour. In the mouth contrasts the sweet flavours of the dough, the earthy aroma of the crust and the delicate taste of the truffle.
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Truffles Pastura Cheese
Cheese of Pasteurized sheep milk and black truffles of Italy. It is a balanced cheese with a soft mass, the intensity that supports the truffle and the lace of the edible cortex. Perfect harmony among three predominant flavours, soft mass with milk touches, the power of the black truffle and the sweet taste of white rust. Lovely light texture.
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