Idiazabal ~200 G APPROX.

Pressed, hard cheese made from whole, raw ewes’ milk from the Latxa and Carranzana breeds, with a minimum ripening period of 60 days.
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Idiazabal ~200 G APPROX.
A penetrating, clean aroma, reminiscent of ripe ewes’ milk. Depending on the time of year, the milk production area, the techniques used and the ripening period, the aroma has different degrees of piquancy, acidity and sweetness. In smoked cheeses, the smokiness in the paste should not be too pronounced. The flavor is intense, full and balanced. Its clean consistency, with a marked taste of ripened ewes’ milk and a hint of the natural rennet are characteristic. The piquancy is slight, the sweetness and acidity are very slight to medium. There is no bitterness, the saltiness is of medium intensity and the smoky flavor is light to medium in smoked cheeses. A prolonged, pronounced aftertaste follows. The cheese is compact, with medium elasticity and fairly firm. Grains can be detected when the cheese is chewed but it is not lumpy. Moisture is lost during ripening so, the longer this takes, the less elastic, more crumbly and harder the cheese becomes.
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