• Romesco Sauce
    Romesco Sauce

    We present you this delicious dipping sauce. With roasted vegetables or the tipical Calçots, this rich, nutty and creamy sauce is a gem of the Spanish gastronomy. A must try!

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  • Tuna chickpeas and red pepper salad
    Tuna chickpeas and red pepper salad

    With the arrival of spring, the temperature begins to rise and we need to prepare fresh recipes.

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  • Spinach and Chickpeas
    Spinach and Chickpeas

    This delicious spinach and chickpea stew is best served as a tapa or a first course in handmade cazuelas (clay dishes). You can serve some fried bread as a garnish, but I honestly think it’s perfect on its own!.

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  • Chicken and Olive Casserole
    Chiken & Olives

    The following recipe makes use of fresh herbs, olive oil and olives as well as fresh peppers and other ingredients that give it a distinctly Mediterranean flavour.

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  • Gazpacho
    gazpacho andaluz

    Gazpacho is a cold soup which is very refreshing in the hot summer weather in Spain. It is an incredibly healthy option involving plenty of raw vegetables along with bread and olive oil.

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