El Rosario Extra Virgin Oil 0,5 ml

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Olive oil obtained from the picuda and picual varieties, at the best moment for gathering them so they keep their scent and flavor. With a shiny color and organoleptic proprieties of high characteristics, the El Rosario extra virgin olive oil is good to taste at any point and state of the oil, since it can be used to season the tastiest salads.

The olive oil’s typical quality criteria is the following:

  1. Acidity: Is the principal characteristic to evaluate the quality the end user is using, it must be indicated in the product’s label. We must be careful when interpreting the value provided, given that it can be tricky if the oil’s typology is not take into consideration. The acidity is the measure of the free fatty acids present in the oil. A high acidity index in the oil means the oil has suffered some alterations with their respective consequences on the flavor and scent. As a general rule the acidity index in extra virgin olive oil should not be higher than 0.5%.
  2. Peroxide index: indicates the amount of active oxygen the olive oil has, reflects its chances of oxidation and its preservation state. The extra virgin oils for human consumption should not have a peroxide index higher than 20 (20 thousand oxygen equivalents for oil kilogram).
  3. Ultraviolet radiation absorption: Is theK-270 index. This parameter is used to detect the oil’s non saturated compounds. The extra virgin oil should not be above the value of 0’20, the normal and fine virgins, above the value of 0’25. This information also indicates the oil’s purity, since those subject to industrial treatment have different fatty acids that increase the absorption.
  4. Moisture and volatile substances: Water and other substances can alter the oil’s quality, for this reason it is important to determine the percentage of these substances that the oil has, in order to evaluate its quality, since a high content of those substances may produce low quality oil.
  5. Organoleptic: They are, for example, the color, scent and taste, and these characteristics are perceived by the end user.
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