Porcini Mushroom in olive oil

Porcini mushroom in oilve oil. Boletus Edulis.
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Porcini Mushroom in olive oil
The porcini mushrooms m.LA TUDELANA, are made from fresh Boletus edulis, collected and selected by hand. Our mushrooms come from the pine and oak groves of the Spanish mountains. Porcini mushrooms, also known as boletus, white mushroom (Hongo cast., Cep cat., Ondo zuri eusk.) Is one of the most appreciated wild mushrooms in gastronomy due to its deep aroma, intense flavor and smooth texture. We make the canned boletus edulis with extra virgin olive oil, achieving a perfect flavor and texture. This mushroom can be found in oak, beech, chestnut and pine forests and is one of the most precious mushrooms.
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