Chufi Valencian Horchata (Tigernut Drink) 1 litre

Chufi Valencian Horchata (Tigernut Drink) 1 litre
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Horchata is a typical Valencian drink made from ground 'chufas' (tigernuts), water and sugar. It is a predominantly plant-based drink, healthy and natural, with an original, refreshing and pleasant taste. It is served ice cold as a natural refreshment in the summer. Also, tigernut horchata is also used as a lactose free alternative to milk . Natural horchata has the following properties: - Rich source of nutrients and vitamins C and E. - Great digestive properties due to its high content of starch and amino acids. - High content of minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron) and unsaturated fats and proteins. - Nutritious and energy-giving drink, vegetable origin with similar properties to olive oil. Is has a high content of oleic acid that is beneficial for cholesterol levels. -It is gluten free so it is recommended for celiacs. - A lactose and caseina free drink.
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